# 3 Clixsense - Earn Money Every 30 Seconds - $500/Day

Step 1 - Click here

Step 2 - Click Signup Tab , Fill up Form and Click regsiter

Step 3 - Open your Email Account and click on the email you get from Clixsense.

Step 4 - Login in to your clixsense account.

Step 5 - Click on view ads tab and view all available ads.
             Do it daily without fail as it is most  Important.

Step 6 - Click on Tasks tab and complete task to earn more money.
             You can easily complete 100 tasks in half and hour which will produce you $3.
             So if you work an hour a day you can easily make $180/Month.

Step 7 - Click on offers tab and complete as many offers as possible.
             Each offer will give you around $0.5 and it takes like 5-10 minutes to complete it.
             So if you spend an additional hour at this you can make more $180/Month.

Step 8 - Invite friends. You can maximize your earnings by inviting friends.
             You will earn 40% commission of your referrals earnings, so if you tell your 5 friends and                  your all friends do as you do you will earn $720 with just commission.

Step 9 - Cashout. You can cashout as you reach $6 to Payza, Paypal or Liberty Reserve every                        Monday.